Press Play Productions is a video production company shaped for the social media-based world that we now live in. At Press Play Productions we create and produce original and immediate social media video content for clients to use directly on all their social media platforms. It’s all about creative ideas that are tailored to each client, and videos of a useful and easy-to-upload quality, with fun and entertaining to watch content. Press Play it now, because life’s a video!


At Press Play Productions we come up with original, fresh and innovative ideas for social media content. From simple video snippets to video stories and webisodes, just tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen.


At Press Play Productions we know that time is crucial and we make sure that our filming days are of social media quality: efficient and fast, making sure that what we film is ready to publish as soon as it’s happened.


Press Play Productions is a social media orientated company. We differentiate ourselves from cinema or TV filming companies because we target all mobile screens, big audiences and immediacy. It’s all about capturing the moment and making it go live as it happens, because life’s a video!


At Press Play Productions we can convert any video content that you might have sitting in a folder on your laptop into valuable social media content. Just send us your videos over and we will have a video ready for you to Press Play in no time!